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Deploying national staff overseas or hiring professionals from abroad?

We support an effortless transition

For many companies and non-profit organizations, cross-border operations and cultural diversity is the norm. Interacting and cooperating interculturally and internationally has many benefits but is complex and deserves sensitivity and attention.

When you partner with CoachingExpats, you have access to a highly knowledgeable network of consultants who understand the challenges of international operations and intercultural collaboration. Our experts collaborate with you every step of the way to strategize and build intercultural competence and sensitivity, strengthen workplace relations, and drive international success

CoachingExpats is your reliable, trusted performance partner if you cooperate across borders or if you operate with internal intercultural diversity. Our coaches and consultants are well-recognised in their fields from many years of experience in international cooperation.

CoachingExpats partners with internationally operating organizations to:

Harness talent
Improve communication
Strengthen cooperation

EXCELLENCE: Our coaches and trainers have extensive industry knowledge and experience gained in diverse international contexts, informing our pragmatic support to your organization or company.

Coaching expatriates and their families in transition

According to a study by Global Relocation Trends, companies and organizations lose 52% of their employees within the first two years of returning home. The reasons for this are numerous. Yet, most employee absences and layoffs could be avoided through appropriate coaching and training during their time abroad and upon reintegration home, which must also include the accompanying family. The cost of rehiring far outweighs that of appropriate intervention to retain an employer needing additional support during a difficult phase or incident

Assistance and consultation services worldwide

Promoting international cooperation success through timely, context-specific interventions.

Change and Stability
Supporting transition
and development

Personnel and Team development. Organizational development. Process monitoring.

Our programs ease the transition process during critical phases of change and promote skills of interaction and cooperation of your staff on site, whilst supporting your personnel and team development measures internationally.

CoachingExpats offers individual consultation and coaching, tandem coaching, team coaching, conflict resolution, mediation and training, group workshops, project debriefing. They can be ordered as one-off services, subscriptions, or be bundled as a business package. Additional services are available at additional cost

Service Spectrum for organizations, companies, foundations:

Strong Performance,
Resilient People

Invest in your people to yield performance and profit

Prevent staff shortages, chronic stress, absenteeism, and the high costs involved in ignoring staff wellbeing. Contact us obligation free to find out more.


Employee assistance

Employee assistance in international contexts

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Personnel development

Personnel development in the context of international assignments

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Professional development

Professional development – international and intercultural competence

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Harnessing diversity

Harnessing diversity and intercultural collaboration

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Transitioning through process change

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Professional restorative retreats

Professional Restorative Retreats

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FOCUS: Employee assistance in international contexts

Short-term coaching, intercultural coaching, and psychological counseling to strengthen resources and resilience

A new culture, a new position, working dynamics with incompatible expectations, interests and leadership styles, stressful living and working environments, personality mismatches, precarious security conditions, and family stressors – these are just some of the challenges facing professionals and executives when working abroad. The professional and personal requirements are difficult to anticipate until landing in the host country. When navigating integration and times of change, an independent, objective coach or mentor is a valuable resource.

Organizations and employees will benefit from:
Our support includes:

FOCUS: Personal development in the context of international assignments

Coaching to develop personal potential, competence and resilience

Motivated, self-aware and accountable employees and managers who collaborate and can remain focused in a challenge are assets to an organization. Emotional and social intelligence can be learned. They are key to successfully adjusting to a new social environment and are indispensable skills for management. We support your organization to strengthen personal agency among employees to be able to confidently and assertively navigate international operations.

Organizations and employees will benefit from:
Our support includes:

FOCUS: Professional development – international and intercultural competence and leadership

Coaching and training for effective leadership across cultures and borders

What does it mean to be an effective leader? How to create working environments where employees feel psychologically safe, even in phases of external crises or high-volume workloads. What do intercultural teams need from their leaders? What qualities and core competencies do managers and team leaders need in a foreign setting? How can executives from different cultures successfully work together?

This program targets internationally engaged executives, leaders of intercultural teams, and multinational management teams to offer coaching and education that support successful leadership and collaboration competence under very complex, sometimes competitive, conditions.

Your organization and executive staff benefit from:
Our support includes:

FOCUS: Harnessing diversity and intercultural collaboration

Team coaching, moderation, conflict resolution, trust building, debriefing

Team coaching, moderation, conflict resolution, trust building, debriefing
For a group of strangers to collaborate productively, rapport and trust must be built. Interpersonal dynamics influence a team’s performance and its resilience to crises. What do intercultural teams need from each other to build psychological safety and collaborate effectively? How can teams adjust to a new expatriate and or local hire? How to engage with local partners and actors?

Culturally sensitive team facilitation and intercultural coaching are important steps to building trust and safety to harness the limitless potential that a diverse team offers.

Organizations and employees will benefit from:

Team facilitation, (local) context-specific coaching, and conflict resolution are well-known tools to support individual team members and interactions. Respectful communication, multidirectional feedback, clear goals, and psychological safety are essential foundations. A resilient team becomes an autonomous driver of productivity that can also withstand and overcome setbacks and crises.

Our support includes:

Focus: Transitioning by change process
facilitation and coaching

Organizations and teams are regularly undergoing change and adjustments, even more so in international contexts. Integrating new team members and projects, redirecting vision or resources, and adapting protocol are important but costly. Although organizations and projects benefit greatly from the multi-perspectivity that a diverse team brings, intercultural team dynamics can be conflictual and prone to misunderstandings. An independent moderator is an essential resource in change management and team integration processes.

Organizations and employees will benefit from:

Active guidance by impartial, internationally experienced consultants in shaping phases of change. We work with organizations to reassure personnel during process change management, as well as identify areas of team resistance and project development gaps that threaten outcome achievement.

Management and team members feel part of an appreciative and results-oriented working environment.

Teams demonstrate resilience and an ability to withstand periods of stress.

Areas of focus:

Focus: Professional Restorative Retreats

Retreats are an important part of ongoing mental and physical balance, especially for those working in crisis and conflict regions, or with high workloads, or with difficult team dynamics. Our approach is holistic and focuses on rebuilding physical and mental balance, restoring energy, and processing stressful experiences through body movement, mindfulness and creativity, as well as coaching and counselling upon request.

Organizations and employees will benefit from:
Areas of focus:

Employee retreats can be booked for individuals, teams and groups of up to 12 people. In between retreats, the retreat houses are available for private bookings for individuals, couples, families or groups.

High performance and well-being
with Expert Coaching and Care

Reduces attrition, prevents stress induced disease, fosters individual and organizational resilience.

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