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The most frequently asked questions by our clients

Our monitoring and support for companies, organizations, professionals and executives is expansive. Every requirement, every question is treated by our international consulting experts as unique. Therefore, it is best to contact us personally by e-mail, telephone, skype or video-call to understand the best fit for you. 

The best way to reach Johnson & Partner and the CoachingExpats service agency is via the registration form on the website, or via email, mobile phone or postcard. 

You will receive expert support to manage challenges specific to international work and intercultural cooperation.

Individual clients can choose from professional mentoring and advising services, coaching, conflict management support and/or personalized training. Our experts are qualified coaches, with each having a unique focus and knowledge base that can be applied to problem-solving a specific issue and/or to professional development of certain skills for international specialists and managers. Please go to our Team page to understand the unique scope of each practitioner or call us to discuss your needs so we can effectively match you to the right expert/s.

You can book individual sessions, sign a contract for regular sessions, or put together a service package to suit your specific needs.

Employers have the choice between individual services within the framework of personnel support, personnel development and organizational development and tailor-made assistance and development programs. For example, a service bundle may look like a combination of training, moderation, conflict coaching, and organizational development skills training, or a personnel package that includes a contract of regular coaching and counselling sessions for staff, or an executive leadership training package. The options are abundant. 

Fees vary depending on the client’s requirements, the nature of the service and the consultant’s experience, as well as the coach’s or consultant’s place of residence, the materials used and the kind of subscriptions. We recommend contacting us about this. 

You will receive an immediate, same-day response to your contact request. After your initial contact with the head office in Basel, you will be given an initial appointment with one of our experts within 1-2 days. Then you will decide together if it is a good match and if you wish to work together. If you are both in agreement, the next appointments can be made right away. We propose alternative consultants if the fit is not right. 

The first contact is with our head office in Basel. There, a specialist will answer your questions and recommend an expert according to your requirements. Alternatively, you choose from our pool of experts. After your initial appointment with your coach or consultant, you can decide if you wish to work together and if yes, arrange the next meeting. If the fit is not right, we are happy to propose alternative consultants. You may visit our consultant profiles for more information

All our experts are fluent in English and German (1 exception for German). Some of the professionals also offer their services in French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish and Arabic. Please ask us directly or visit our consultants’ page for detailed profiles.

Switzerland, Germany, Austria , Netherlands  

The average age of our team of experts is 45. The age scale ranges from 38 to 67 years 

Yes. All experts are academically qualified, as well as being certified as coaches, consultants, counsellors, mediators or trainers. Moreover, they have many years of professional, consulting and management experience in their home countries and abroad. Some are also currently working as university lecturers in their fields. 

Yes. One of the experts offers individual assessments of professional profiles and potentials, and helps to create a sound CV.

No. Acculturation coaching supports self-organization, and the practical application of it is up to you. Your coach will help you with important strategic considerations so that you can quickly gain an overview during an orientation phase, clarify your priorities and generally integrate more easily into a foreign environment. 

No. We do not offer formal trainings, but provide intercultural sensitization workshops and intercultural coaching to improve interaction. Intercultural competence is part of our coaching and consulting profile. We work with it, but we do not train formally. However we could recommend trainers.    

Individuals may access most of our personalized training online, often in combination with individual coaching. Individual training sessions occasionally take place at the trainers’ offices. 
Team and group offerings are generally hybrid events – comprising online and face-to-face events. The service required will determine which country face-to-face events will be held. 

Conflict coaching abroad can take place online or on location abroad or a place of your choosing. There are several options available to you:

– a short intervention of 1.5 hours 
– a conflict resolution retreat of 1-2 days
– multiple sessions spread over a period of time 
All necessary details will be discussed with the head office. You will also get the opportunity to meet the mediator/s. For >6 people we use two mediators. 

Yes, we do project debriefings with intercultural teams. Contact us 

Yes. We work with intercultural teams across different contexts. You can select a suitable service package or bundle services together from various modules. All formats are displayed on the website. We will happily explain further upon request and answer any questions you may have during the initial contact. 

Yes, you can cooperate with us long-term and make a contract arrangement. Companies choose us as their ongoing support partner to ensure their expatriate workforce is fully supported. You determine which support program is most beneficial to you.     

Yes. Our service for your employer’s support program is compatible with the assistance we provide to you as a private customer. Self-payers have the advantage of a fully personalized service and additionally faster access to mental health specialists if required. 

We offer both flexible options and fixed coaching packages. As private customer you can purchase individual sessions or lock in a coaching subscription of 3, 5 or 10 sessions.
There are also tailor-made packages with services that complement each other, e.g., personalized training and coaching or team building in combination with individual coaching.
Organizations usually select a customized support program for their international staff on a long-term basis. Or they purchase one of our single service modules, such as a specific training or a mediation package.  

Yes, three of our experts have extensive experience working in crisis regions. In an initial consultation, you can clarify whether we are a match for your needs and concerns. Contact us obligation free. 

Yes. We can support your wife as she transitions to the new location via online coaching with a trusted professional. In order to clarify your concerns more precisely, we recommend that you or your wife contact us before leaving the country. This will make the adjustment to the new environment easier.  

We’re happy to help. Please feel free to contact us. We will connect you with a suitable specialist with whom you can discuss your situation confidentially. 

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