International consulting for over 20 years

Johnson & Partner Consulting GmbH has been engaged in international consulting for more than 20 years. Since its foundation, the company, based in Switzerland, has provided mental health expertise mainly in disaster, crisis and post-conflict regions, including training and supervision to general health and mental health staff, facilities and programs, guided by psycho-traumatology, emergency and disaster psychology principles. Additionally it has been longterm involved in managing internationally funded projects and country programs in post war areas.

In 2019, “CoachingExpats” was created, a division dedicated to providing personal and professional support services to executives and professionals assigned abroad and their accompanying families. In 2021 different aspects of team- and organizational development was added as a service to support intercultural communication and cooperation and facilitate necessary change processes. All its services are employed by national and international organizations, companies, team leaders and private individuals.

“CoachingExpats” works with individuals, teams and organisations to harness the potential of cross-cultural collaboration in international environments, whilst foreseeing and managing its many risks and burdens. Services are provided independently, impartially, and confidentially. From humble beginnings, it has now grown into a comprehensive, worldwide platform offering quality support and evidence-based methodologies, and specialist knowledge delivered by certified and highly experienced coaches, trainers, mediators, consultants, and mental health experts. Our clientele greatly benefit from having additional access to external personnel support and professional development services. We pride ourselves on quality and excellence and are available worldwide in-person and online.

“CoachingExpats” professionally supports and strengthens executives, professionals and teams within the framework of international and intercultural collaboration. We intervene before personal resources are exhausted, wrong decisions have serious consequences, and stress and tensions become overwhelming.


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